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Wednesday, July 01, 2020
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Ball has earned the well-deserved reputation as a new plant innovator, consistently unveiling imaginative, high-performance varieties and ways of growing them which promise success for professional growers and home gardeners around the world.

By virtues of advanced technology and management skills and blessed by favorably endowed local climate, Ball Horticultural (Kunming) Co. Ltd. has achieved its goal of producing hybrid seed year-around. It has become one of the key seed production locations for Ball. Our Summer product (African Marigold), Spring product (Lobelia), and Winter product (Pansy) have been widely grown and highly regarded by our world-wide customers. Meanwhile, we are working closely with our colleagues in our headquarters to implement new production protocols and trial more seed crops that could be potentially produced in Kunming. So far we have made great progress. We believe more and more of our products will be grown to "Color the World" in the near future.

Fill your greenhouse with high-performance products from Ball! You are welcome to contact Ball's joint venture partner in China - Ball Century Horticultural Co. Ltd.

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