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Tuesday, June 30, 2020
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Company Culture

For over 100 years, innovation has been the heart of Ball Horticultural Company's business. "Pillars of Growth" endowed with a great success and momentum to today's Ball, also becomes every Ball employee's guideline for their tireless effort.

As one of the youngest oversees subsidiary companies, Ball Horticultural (Kunming) Co. Ltd. started paying attention to building up a healthy business environment and policy at the beginning. We did not simply adopt a company's century-old success philosophy, but combined it with the fundamental realities of China, and developed an "open, efficient and friendly" management model. "Pillars of Growth" will always be considered as the company's long-term achievement goal, and what every Ball China employee will consistently pursue.

  • Color the World
    Be the Number One supplier in every market worldwide.
  • Create Excitement in the World of Flowers
    • Increase new products as a percent of sales.
    • Expand the product range in ornamentals.
    • Create three new "Top 20" items in the next five years.
  • Always be the First Choice for Service
    Provide the best customer service in the industry at all times.
  • Improve Our Cost Position
    Deliver optimum value through high-quality production and efficient operations.
  • Grow a Green Future
    Always make sustainable decisions.

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